King’s Tensor training system

Post-adaptational effects of the physiotherapy

Benefits and Effects

  • increases muscle tone,
  • strenghtens the global trunk musculature in a complex way,
  • corrects posture,
  • segmentational spine stabilization,
  • global trunk stabilization,
  • mobilizes the vertebral joints,
  • preserves the state of the intervertebral discs,
  • increases overall stamina,
  • harmonizes muscle tone distribution between the back and the stomach muscles,
  • strenghtens core musculature,
  • dissolves vertebral tension (mainly in upright lordosis),
  • moderates vertebral side-slipping,
  • lessens back pain,
  • regained endurance,
  • sets the inclination angle of the pelvis and sacrum correctly,
  • realignes the vertebrae,
  • corrects the misaligned spine in a biomechanical way with the use of active muscle strenght in order to regaine the healthy arch of the spine,
  • permanent improvement in most statical spine conditions (scoliosis, kypho-lordotic malformations),
  • improvement of other biomotor abilities,

All of these changes can be expected after just 3-5 weeks of regular use, performing the 5- minute-long physical exercise minimum 3 times a week.

Concrete healing chances

Chances are, in case of any type of aquired or heredited moderate statical spinal disease:

  • 90% : the method is significantly helpful
  • 9% : the method doesn’t alter the condition
  • 1% : the method worsens the condition

With the regular use of King’s Tensor-method intense improvement can be achieved, for instance in cases of kypho-lordotic disorders, but healing chances are also excellent in cases of flat back syndrome. In cases of scoliosis, a chronic condition endangering teenagers more and more, this method can be advised for patients twelve years of age and older, up to 30-32 degrees Cobb angle deformation. Scoliosis: King’s Tensor can be an active additional therapy (e.g. aid corset treatment – naturally the corset brace is removed for the time span of the short exercise, which is carried out with the use of this weighted vest).