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Our goal is King’s Tensor Method to become an evidence based therapy in 6-7 years

Sponsor request (fundraiser) and orientation

King’s Tensor Method – active spinal therapy with the use of an innovative biomechanical physical exercise device As the number of patients suffering from our modern era’s back problems or suffering from congenital spinal malformations increases, the value of various efficient spinal therapy options has become greater. My method aims to become one of the top most advised active supplementary spinal therapies.

Goal: Clinical practice, scientific project, biomechanical evaluation, and later on: advanced level appliance in conservative spinal therapies.

I am in search of financial funding for the followings:


  • patent trademarking fees (currently in progress in Hungary, plan to follow suit in Switzerland);
  • infrastructure development (ergonomic and designed production of the excentric weighted vest);
  • clinical trial fees, further university study fees;
  • verification of all our assumptions (bringing King’s Tensor into practice as evidence based therapy).

By providing financial support for the above, the investor will receive large part of the royalties.

“The human spine with excellent bearing capacity is one of the best investments and is also strongly defining the patient’s quality of life.”

King’s Tensor Active, supplementary spinal therapy
2017 – beginning stages. Research-development

Developed, special device: excentric weighted vest

  • adult male version
  • adult female version
  • child version (13 years of age)
  • price: 2970 CHF/prototype piece, (2580 EUR/prototype piece)
  • market price: not yet determined


Physical exercise performed with the device standing in an upright position, followed by a series of relaxing exercises (10 minutes / day).

  • prevention of spinal disorders
  • active posture correction
  • supplementary rehabilitation
  • treatment of chronic back pain


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