Expert opinion

(Ferenc Holbok – physiotherapist, physical educator)

The “King’s Tensor”  is a revolutionary concept in the therapy of spinal deformations. Novelty of this concept lies in the fact that the device – which is similar to a vest, put on a human body – places the centre of gravity of the human body to a higher position. In the meantime, the weight attached to the vest does not load the spine, rather the pelvis. This is very important for the preservation of the flexibility of the intervertebral discs and also in terms of efficiency of the exercises developed by the inventor.

The device is easy to use, only short training is needed and it can be adjusted for different body measures. Presumable healing effect lies in the fact, that the wearer of this device is forced to take a balanced position even during simple standing otherwise he would fall over to one side. In a standing position the spine, the pelvis and the agonist and antagonist leg muscles have to reach harmonic balance to avoid loss of balance irrespective of the direction of the pathological curvature. (Scoliosis, kyphosis- lordosis deformations)

The inventor provides the wearer exercises: small bending forward, backward, on both sides, walking round, standing on tiptoe.

The training material is scarce but that is also an advantage, since memorizing the exercises becomes easy for all.

Device-related further tasks of the inventor:

  • increasing the number of exercises,  even in the direction of sedentary exercises
  • trial of the device on a large control group
  • highlight  the kind and grade of disorders when the usage of the device did not result in recovery and document them
  • based on experiences define development direction, if necessary
  • Personal  development suggestion: an adjustable corset to develop which could be adjusted to the disorder  immediately.

Further opinion: the  therapeutic effect of the device in the present condition can be replaced with other simpler devices, like the MBT shoe which obliges the wearer to find the right balance; or hanging exercises which harmonize the body by using gravity; as well as a personalized physiotherapy.

In favour of the device: those with acute shoulder pain cannot hang, and yet can wear the “King’s Tensor” device.

Ferenc Holbok