The King’s Tensor

Innovative biomechanical excercise device and method, aiming supplementary spinal therapy

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“The main functions of the spine consist of protection of the spinal cord, holding one’s skull, providing skeletal frame for one’s trunk.”

Zoltán Klink – head physical trainer, instructor

Active spinal therapy with the use of an innovative biomechanical physical exercise device

Me and my co-workers aim to introduce an innovative, special form of physiotherapy which, according to up to date research and observation, has showed to help reduce and cure the majority of static spine conditions and back problems, which are due to our civilized way of life. This procedure is an individual physical exercise, therefore it can be used at one’s home after having aquired thorough routine. The procedure’s two basic components are: the device and the method.

The device is called the excentric weighted vest, the method consists of a 5 minute daily physical exercise performed with the use of the weighted vest and a following relaxation exercise – all of which is individualized for each persons needs.


My invention stems from a type of martial art, where my aim was to increase the explosive flexible strength, but after some time and careful observation, my focus shifted towards a more careful use, adapting it as a form of supplemetary spinal therapy.

The developed device: excentric weighted vest (outer weight distribution, special three dimensional structure) fixed on the human trunk, it repositiones the erect body’s centre of gravity onto a higher level. Female-male-child version. Refined biomechanical physical exercise device.

Method, physiotherapy: short gymnastic exercises performed in an upright position using the physical exercise device, leaning and tilting the trunk in every direction, keeping the position in a static manner. Walking exercises and other relaxation exercises (5-10 minutes/occasion).

Goals: musculoskeletal care, prevention, active posture correction, complemetary spine rehabilitation, orthopaedic-, musculoskeletal research and development, biomechanical evaluation. Timeframe of the development achieved so far: 7 years, out of which back strenghtening exercise was 5 years.

Workout equipment – the technical description of the device:


The excentric weigted vest consists of two main parts which work together mechanically. These can be size-adjusted in several places:

  • metal, specially designed head weight (next to the head);
  • lower, textile strap fixation vest, with four soft-sheathed steel rods.

The head weight is placed in 7-9 centimeters distance from one’s head, not touching it. It is placed above the shoulders serving double function: elevating the whole body’s centre of gravity, placing the trunk in flexible stocks, funkctioning as a semi-rigid frame with the descending steel rods. The steel rods support and carry down the upper weight load to the pelvic girdle, while the excentric power impulses of the head weight present themselves along the trunk. The female version differs from the male prototype in the anterior curveture of the steel rods (the arch of the steel rods).