Innovative biomechanical exercise device and method

– aiming supplementary spinal therapy –

for the healthy spine

The King’s Tensor

Innovative, special form of physiotherapy

Let me introduce an innovative, special form of physiotherapy which, according to up to date research and observation, has showed to help reduce and cure the majority of static spine conditions and back problems. This procedure is an individual physical exercise. The procedure’s two basic components are: the device and the method. The device is called the excentric weighted vest, the method consists of a 5-8 minute daily physical exercise performed with the use of the weighted vest and following stretching exercises without the vest – all of which is individualized for each persons needs.

Mechanism of effect

Relieves the spine

We are strainig the person with weight (4-5 kg). How is it possible that this strain relieves the spine? Exactly this is considered to be the uniqueness of this method. It activates lazy musculature, harmonizes muscle systems responsible for posture. Creates intermuscular coordination. Furthermore, it doesn’t burden the spinal coloumn directly.


The daily prescribed exercise takes up a very short time (5-10 minutes). A short exercise is performed wearing the excentric weighted vest. It is a supplementary therapy in spine rehabilitation, sparing time for other physical exercises. It shouldn’t be used for too long or too often anyway.


Crucial part of my method are workouts, stretching exercises that follow the gymnastics with the excentric weighted vest. I strongly emphasize that in cases of scoliosis the beneficial effects are so far only assumed. In these cases, mild, carefully performed stretching exercises can be of even greater importance. The goal is to repair the deformed convex and concave sides’ correct balance.

Muscle strenghtening

Besides other effects it strenghtens the deepest layer of muscle groups next to the spinal coloumn. A small amount of physical exercise can quickly activate, awaken muscle clusters of m. rotatores and m. multifidus. Our exercise particularly strenghtens these muscles. Consequently providing bigger segmental stability (the individual segments: the vertebra and joint sheath, of which 24 exist, joining each other more massively yet also more flexibly).


In our modern era, the human organism needs this kind of strain. We sit way too much way too incorrectly – sitting while driving our car, doing office work, having meals etc. Only very special methods can compensate for the loss of our lordosis. It is also assumed to help straighten an excessive lumbar lordosis, therefore we have every reason to believe this method also helps reciprocal problems. It affects the arch of the spinal coloumn in a sculpturesque way.


During the physical exercise we work out with our center of gravity specifically placed onto a higher level. And yet, our spinal coloumn is not strained directly axially. Specific bender stresses and strains gently present themselves.

Health benefits


The instabilities, bigger lumbar cracks begin to slowly improve, and with personalized and strictly followed exercise series, they start to slowly fade away. Continuously improving segmental and global spine stability.


We aim to combat sedentary life – to battle stressful work carried out in incorrect posture often lasting 8 to 9 hours per day. For this battle we are in need of specific methods. Our method aims to correct in an active way.

Posture improvement

Our posture starts to change and improve. The complete arch of the spine starts to improve slowly, relieving our intervertebral discs.

Intervertebral disc protection

In cases of disc herniation (already developed dicsus hernia) we need to find a way to cope. Some form of physiotherapy, spinal exercise is needed, which furthermore needs to be performed regularly. The King’s Tensor method is one in many, aiming to improve it’s appreciation from ranking at 50-60th place to being in the top 10 most advised methods in spine rehabilitation. King’s Tensor is a practical exercise performed in an upright position improving stamina (not in a cardiovascular sense).


Almost every individual using the excentric weighted vest reported an improvement in their posture. They reported that after removing the vest it was much easier to maintain correct posture. This improvement is due to the effects on one’s nervous system as a result of the method, because during the special exercise the correct posture median is being used. With the help of special stretching exercises our joints become mobilized improving our motion ability.


Our new method is also useful in the therapy of classic back pain – LBP. People performing strenuous physical work as well as people working in offices can quickly lose the functional capacity of their spine but need to continue their work nevertheless. There is no stopping it.

In action

The King’s Tensor and the King’s Tensor training system

About Me

My name is Norbert Király, I am a certified civil engineer. I work as a business leader in the hungarian building industry. I consider myself a fortunate, researcher type of person, as I try to find solutions for all problems that come my way. Such as static spine conditions and posture problems which are considered to be widespread diseases of our modern age. I try to find the possible solution from an engineer’s point of view, continuously consulting with medical professionals.

My actual invention stems from a type of martial art (kendo, the japanese fencing) where my aim was to increase the explosive flexible strenght, but after some time and careful observation, my focus shifted towards a more special use, adapting it very careful as a form of supplementary spinal therapy. I’ve finished my studies specialising in structural engineering in 2007 at Budapest University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering. My biggest sports achievement was winning 3rd place of Men’s Team Event in year 2012, at the 15th World Kendo Championships in Novara, Italy.

Timeframe of the development achieved so far: 7 years, out of which spinal exercise was 5 years. The development consist my own story of self-healing from flat back (flat lumbare lordosis).

“The human spine is a marvellous, flexible support system, which, in healthy adults, is stretched out in the 3D space by the active musculature. It’s passive elements – which possess their very own rigidity – follow therms of periphery and the laws of gravity. I find it of utmost interest to study the shape and capacity of the human spine both in itself and in association with my invention.”

Norbert Király

inventor, founder – certified civil engineer, sportsman